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What is Drugwalking?

I thought cst might like to see this post I made from conspiracy that they liked
"Drugwalking" is a term I made up that is analagous to the ATF Gunwalking Scandal, used to describe the vertically-integrated drug activities of the Fed. Just to remind you, the gunwalking scandal involved putting out illegal firearms and seeing where they ended up, letting the illegal arms act as a kind of radiological tracer used in medicine. By finding these illegal arms, the feds were able to 'map out' the criminal organizations.
Drugwalking is similar to gunwalking in some ways and dissimilar in others. It's similar to gunwalking in that it's an entrapment-like ploy to capture some people. But it's different from gunwalking in that it does not hope to entirely eliminate drug networks, rather it aims to maintain, optimize and manage drug networks.
We Know Who is at the Top of the Drug Dealing Pyramid
We know that the CIA, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Pope are all involved in narcotrafficking. If you don't know this, then you have tried very hard to keep yourself in a state of complete ignorance. The history you received in public school is that England ran an Opium War against the Chinese and then that was over.
Guess what? That's not correct: The opium wars never stopped.. And the silk road didn't die with Rome. And Rome: didn't die. Silk road went global along with Rome, and the US is now Rome. The modern darknet 'silkroad' and 'silkroad 2' were taken over by the fed and the NSA ended up with all their bitcoins, making them a primary coinholder. Isn't that convenient?
You see, it's all a game and we're the dupes. We were funded initially by french freemasonry steered by the Bavarian illuminati to win our Revolutionary war and become a sovereign so-called 'republic'. We could not have won our secret-society-based-nation on our own, as Britian was 2000 yrs ahead of us in drug revenue and money wins wars. No, this was the creation of a subsidiary. An affiliate making program. The only reason we became 'so called sovereign' is "they" let it happen. Just like most wars, lots of people died in order for a good show for the history books. Apologies in advance if this opinion makes you mad at me---to propose that the US is still a subsidiary of the British Empire. I believe it is. But we can't have that conversation now.
Still I can tell you why I feel this way for several reasons. Primarily, that Drug mercantilism did not die with the burning of templars. After reading several books on the government and clergy-run narcotrafficking this much has become perfectly clear.
Fast forward to now. There's a cartel in Mexico called the "Knights Templar Cartel", that have adopted the principles of their namesake. When the Rat Pope came to town, they put up banners promising no violence in the area during that time[1].
This is just one interesting anecdote among many. Others have written about proofs of these claims at length in several books, namely LaRouche's Dope Inc, McCoy's Politics of Heroin, and Gary Webb's Dark Alliance. Some of these were written decades ago, and if you truly need more sources than that, and are too lazy to investigate/fact checkmebro on this yourself, then I will gladly provide, but at my leisure/pace. Proving this is not the point of this article.
Global Substance Management, Inc
Our CIA, who are not intelligent enough to do their own intel, are managing cartels around the world. I've explained this in the best (and most underrated imo) post I've ever written to date. The CIA itself is guided by policy agencies that are guided by on the one hand, necon facist industrialists of the knights of malta freemasons, and on the other neoliberal fascist zionists and jesuit financeers. Guess who is NOT represented? That's right: the public--the lumpen, extraoperative, global everyperson. The chief export of this system is disempowerment, demoralization and opacity, while fooling everyone into thinking it's the opposite of those things (selling the shinola).
Hypocrisy, Fake Rights and Lip Service Hangouts
If these drugs were legal, then we wouldn't have any reason to complain about the authorities simply creating a vertically-integrated network of goods and services. But we complain because they've made these substances illegal, while also selling them. They are illegal because of the drug schedules promoted within the
UN 1971 Convention on Spychotropic (Psychotropic) Substances[2][3]
The UN is steered mostly by the US as a faux-ideology hangout and plausible deniability engine. In other words, they created a fake international organization to act as a scapegoat for crafting policies that would be difficult to retract, simply because they've contractually-obligated all participatory governments in adhering to those policies. Difficultly-in-retraction simply means, you can't reneg if you yourself created the guidelines, because reneging on these agreements would make the US look indecisive, foolish, fickle, and untrustworthy ("you're going to tell me what to do but can't hold yourself to the same standards").
This Janus-face of hypocrisy is what people find intolerable, now that we all pretty much know who is at the top of the pyramid. They push they push psychological garbage tropes of 'drugs are bad', 'drugs are immoral', 'we are losing the drug war' as a form of social control, to create a means of distinction: the 'good people' and the 'bad people'. To foist judgmentalism of "the drug user trope" on everyone. By creating the drug-addled trainwreck of the Charlie Sheen trope, they necessarily and implicitly create his social opposite: the 'normal person'. Don't be like Charlie Sheen. Be a normal person. Keep calm, go to work, fuck your wife 3 times a year, and above all stop asking questions--that only hurts you.
Back to the UN: what have they done with their little blue hats to stop drugs? What has INTERPOL done? I think they set cartel boundaries to keep "normals" from getting hurt...because that gives justification for retaliation and lawsuits...I think that's all they do because they cannot 'win' the drug war when they are being run from the same parent org that is selling the drugs. It would make as much sense to think that pro-breastfeeding groups are being run by infant formula manufacturers.
It's become very obvious that the only reason to keep drugs illegal is to extort taxes from the public in order to enhance a government run paramilitary militia of drug agents (DEA) that look strangely like ISIS. Yet, the very same government is bringing in these illegal drugs through cartels; brainwashing the public into thinking they are fighting a war on drugs, winning/losing it, and constantly need our taxes to do it; and using the DEA to bust the occasional hippies to remind you who the "normal people" are, and all's under kontrol.
Unless of course you're black. Or poor. The two employees / consumers. These two groups end up in jail more often than others. I guess they didn't get the memo on how to be a "normal person" and they went the Charlie Sheen route. Of course, if meth weren't available to them, white people also woudn't end up in jail. Because meth is the new crack but for whites.
If you're a good gang member, you don't do things that undermine the money train, like yourself getting addicted. If you do: jail. If you steal money, then you get busted. If you think you're going up the chain rapidly, jail. If you think you're going to go off script and run your own thing: jail. Like Carlin said, the Government hates competition.
It's helpful to point out that our prison system has become privatized so now the government doesn't have to deal with pesky regulations like keeping prisoners alive or healthy or safe. Prisoners are paid a miniscule fraction of the minimum wage for their labor in manufacturing deep-discounted public-sphere items. This is essentially slavery.
Basically, when a government manages the worlds illegal substances as 'regional interests'--ie: you get your cocaine from s. america, your meth from mexico, your opiates from afghanistan and s.e. asia--and then imports these substances, and then polices people regarding these substances, and then outsources the results of their policing, they are basically engaged in
Drugwalking, the casting of a wide net of illegal substances in order to kill users or incarcerate them at a profit, making money at each and every step so that all the middle men make very large profits and the america public is terrorized into giving up more of their money in order to feel safe.
Psychedelics are the solution to Addiction
The government also hates drugs that expand the mind, break mind control[4][5], break addictions to the products they sell[6][7], and basically do little to no harm themselves(mushrooms and pot respectively)[333]), and are sometimes medically invaluable in treating mental illness[8][9][10][11].
And in the case of suicide, instead of promoting proven psychedelic therapy, they promote more addictive heroin[12], again finding a new way to peddle their substances by politicking science and omitting and ignoring a favorable solution (that just happens to threaten the alcohol industry as well[13]).
Our country loves to keep all the best drugs available at a super low rate (except maybe pot), just high enough that they persist as actually extant within culture, and can be utilized for the urban legend psycholgoical 'stayaway' of the 'LSD jumping from building person'. The psychedelics are extremely rare. I am by no means an expert, but in college mushrooms were the hardest to get, then acid, then everything else. EDIT: DMT is so incredibly scarce I've never known anyone to actually get their hands on it. It seems like a myth.
It's very telling that meth, crack, heroin, painkillers and cocaine are widely available, so much so even than really good pot or hashish in states where it's not recreation-legal now. Basically, the drugs that kill you quickly are the ones that are most widely available.
EDIT: Abusable Plants that will kill you right away are also 100% legal. For example, datura, henbane, belladonna, brugmansia, all the tropanes that hundreds of floridian kids have died from in the absence of 100% safe marijuana as alternative to their curiousity. Note also these are plants used in witchcraft. Sayin'.
Killer Drugs
Isn't that interesting? It would seem at first that those authorities making these available would want the users to be dead. So why aren't they all dead?
The answer is there will always be users, because drug using is a type of self-medication for spriritual and mental disorders--although the classic 'narcotics' only make the situation worse and that's by design. You've heard of addictive personalities? If drug use is a mental disorder, and not simply "angry, stigmatic judgmentalism" against people, then when we stigmatize and berate drug users, we're basically doing the same thing as harassing / bullying a schizophrenic person online, or yelling "you're stupid" at a mentally-retarded person. It's mean. It's unhelpful. You create criminals by creating users and vice versa.
We're blaming the victims. Have we ever considered asking the question: who is creating and maintaining and managing the victims? No we don't. Why not? Because we know the answer already, and nothing ever changes. We don't want to ask this question because if we did, then we'd become immediately and fully aware that we have no power to stop it. Since we don't like being tied down and raped repeatedly by our government, we choose instead to love them and align with this. This is the essence of Cultural Stockholm Syndrome. I recommend you stop sympathizing with your rapists.
Because these rapists are the ones that occasionally get dupers' delight from mixing in fentanyl with the heroin and killing a user immediately[14]. It's what got Prince[15]. No one is immune to this kind of evil.
Public Service Announcement: Drug Harm
I want to close by pointing out how bullshit it is that alcohol, tobacco is legal and pot isn't.
Take a look at this chart of harm done to self/other by drugs. What's at the top? What's in the middle? What's at the bottom? The answers are alcohol (most dangerous), then cannabis after ALL the other illegal drugs that people actually can get / use / aren't from the 60s and then at the bottom, after steroids...ecstasy, lsd and finally dead last is mushrooms. Harm on mushrooms around 5th percentile (5% harmful)
About harm to others: it's vanishingly rare to have someone run over a child when driving while high on pot, yet with alcohol it's a daily event. You don't have a Potsmokers Anonymous where people get to talk about their sad stupid lives and failures to kick a habit, and I'm sure there's a nicotines anonymous but most people I know just grow a pair and quit (ex smoker 10 yrs now). In fact, if you did have a potsmokers anonymous, it would probably be a swingers club where people are either fucking, laughing at something dumb, or eating ice cream.
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